Acid Reflux? You may have too LITTLE acid!

It's incredible how many people are on acid suppressing drugs like proton-pump inhibitors. These drugs do nothing to address the root cause of symptoms, cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and more often than not, make the problem worse. Why?

You likely need MORE stomach acid, not less!

Yes, you heard me right. Most acid reflux and GERD cases are misdiagnosed as having too much stomach acid, but in reality, you don't have enough.

Hydrochloric Acid is vital for our health!

- It assists in breaking down protein

- Helps to prevent bacterial and fungal overgrowth in the small intestine

- Stimulates the movement of waste down the intestinal tract

- Helps with the absorption of minerals

- Stimulates the production of digestive enzymes

Symptoms of LOW stomach acid closely mimic symptoms of having too much:

- Belching

- Gas and bloating

- Acid indigestion

- Feeling of fullness

- No taste for meat

- Foul breath

- Mouth sores

- Chronic stomach aches

Too little stomach acid leaves undigested food in the stomach, causing a resurgence of acid. Antacids may help temporarily, but just continue to suppress acid and digestive enzymes, worsening your symptoms and health. This is not a sustainable solution!

There are a few cases where too much acid may actually be the culprit, but this is definitely the exception. Peptic ulcers and H. Pylori are two conditions to investigate. The large majority of people simply need to increase their stomach acid and enzyme production and address why you may be under producing in the first place. We naturally produce less hydrochloric acid as we age, but the main reason I see low acid and enzymes is STRESS.

If you deal with acid reflux, indigestion, bloating, etc. I encourage you to give some of the solutions below a try. Talk with your doctor about getting off your PPI's and start addressing your symptoms from the root cause.

- Cut out gluten, dairy, grains, and legumes for 30 days

- CHEW CHEW CHEW your food. Sometimes the simplest thing is the most effective. Your food should be unrecognizable before you swallow it.

- Eat slowly and mindful, allowing your body to move out of the "fight or flight" branch of your nervous system, and into "rest and digest."

- Drink 1 tsp. of diluted RAW organic apple cider vinegar before and with meals

- Replenish your acid and enzymes with a high quality supplement like Digestzymes . Take 2-4 capsules before, with, and after meals until symptoms subside.

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