Have You Been Feeding Your Microbiome What It’s Craving?

Your microbiome lives in your gut. It’s the unique combination of bacteria that helps your gut to digest food, absorb nutrients and keep you healthy.

The funny thing about your microbiome?

It LOVES diversity.

Many people have become “afraid” of certain food groups and even macro nutrients. Whether it be grains, fruit, carbohydrates, fat, etc. there are undoubtedly a sect of extremists out there.

...I was one of them!

Years ago I believed that a low carb paleo diet was the only way of eating that provided sustaining health. One year later, my blood sugar was more unstable than it had ever been, my thyroid was under functioning, my cortisol was elevated, and my digestion was whacked!

Turns out low carb paleo isn’t for everyone, and it actually ruined my health!!! Can you believe it?!

Very restricted diets for the purpose of healing the gut, identifying food sensitivities, and specialized circumstances like autoimmune disease, skin conditions, etc is often very necessary, but it should never be the long term goal. My goal with my clients is to heal the gut and build oral tolerance so they can enjoy as many nutrient dense foods as possible! .

Our microbiome thrives when it’s provided with a wide and diverse array of foods-and eating the same foods over and over can actually contribute to and even CAUSE food sensitivities! .

Are you a vegetarian or Paleo enthusiast? Mentally go through your diet and see if there are any foods you are eating everyday, and multiple times a day-you may want to consider taking a break from these foods and start rotating what you’re consuming on a regular basis. Over eating certain foods is very easy to do on restricted diets. For me, on a paleo diet I basically lived on eggs, avocado, bacon, and almond or coconut containing foods.

No no no.

Regardless of where you are on the spectrum, today I encourage you to try a NEW health food! Give your microbiome some fresh material to thrive off of, maybe a vegetable you have never tried, an exotic fruit, or if you are hardcore paleo just for the sake of it, try some soaked legumes!

If this is something you’re struggling with or you don’t know where to begin, I’ve got good news for you. I help my clients with this and SO. MUCH. MORE. inside of my 6-month program. Click here to get inside access!