How's your thyroid?

Have you experienced weight gain? Muscle aches? Fatigue? Depression? Anxiety? Good news is, it’s not all in your head! Actually, it’s probably in your Thyroid..

Your Thyroid is a gland that assists in the regulation of SO MANY bodily functions. It’s literally the Master Gland of our body regulating: mood, energy levels and our metabolism. Basically, if your thyroid isn't performing efficiently it can cause a lot of problems in your body. Studies have shown that the majority of thyroid issues have a genetic component, but that there is usually a trigger that onsets symptoms. Potential triggers include nutrient deficiencies , flouride and heavy metal toxicity, a major illness or virus, pregnancy and childbirth, and stress. The good news is, where there is a trigger, there are also methods of prevention! Here are a few ways you can avoid triggering your thyroid:

1: Think Zinc & Selenium- Zinc and Selenium deficiencies can put you at risk for hypothyroidism. Studies show that Zinc and Selenium are key components in the regulation of the immune system and thyroid gland. While supplementation is available, it's most likely not needed! You can get your fill of Zinc and Selenium by adding: oysters, meats, beans, nuts & eggs to your daily diet.

2: Stress Management- Experts claim that chronic stress can majorily impair thyroid function. In moments of stress, your body creates and releases the hormone, cortisol. Cortisol is great for getting you through major “fight or flight” moments, but consistently high stress and cortisol levels are detrimental to your thyroid functioning. Incorporating meditation, yoga, body-honoring movements, and journaling can be great at creating space for peace in your life.

3: Prioritize Gut Health- As science advances, we learn more and more about just how integral our guts are in how our body functions. The gut is connected to everything! In fact, the majority of your immune system resides in your gut. This is why avoiding inflammatory foods such as dairy, eggs, and sugar as well as incorporating probiotics into your supplement routine could be the key to unlocking a healthy thyroid.

4: Test It Out: Make sure you’re getting the right tests ordered for your thyroid and that they’re being assessed through a functional lens. Most doctors only run a TSH and maybeeeee a T4 to assess your thyroid health. But the truth is those markers only show give us a small window into your thyroid function and neglects several patterns and imbalances that may be present and contributing to your symptoms. Missing these crucial markers can leave you wondering why you feel like crap but your labs are “normal” by your doctors standards. For a full thyroid assessment, it’s important to run these lab markers:

  • TSH

  • FT3

  • FT4

  • TPO-AB

  • TGAB

  • RT3

  • T3 uptake

And I also like to add RBC zinc, RBC selenium, copper, and urinary iodine.

*note a full thyroid panel is one of many tests included in the Science & Soul method! Find out more here!

The thyroid can truly make or break how we feel, so tend to it well. You deserve to feel your best-body, mind, & soul.