It's not a Thyroid Issue, it's an Immune System Issue!

It honestly blows my mind how misdiagnosed and misunderstand “thyroid issues” are in convectional medicine.

Hypothyroidism is being diagnosed at record numbers, and even more people are walking around with hypothyroid like symptoms but are being told their labs are “normal.” It’s so frustrating being told everything looks good when you don’t feel good! Where is the disconnect?

For starters, most doctors only run a TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone) when assessing the thyroid gland, and maybeeeee a FT4, if you’re lucky.

Hear me when I say this is not enough to assess thyroid function and there are several patterns and areas of imbalance and dysfunction that are missed when a FULL thyroid panel is not run and interpreted correctly.

In this post I want to talk specifically about thyroid peroxidase antibodies and thyroglobulin antibodies (TPO-Abs, Tg Abs), markers that are very rarely assessed and without them, we miss a huge piece of the thyroid puzzle, like the fact that it might not even be a thyroid issue at all!

If thyroid antibodies are present, it indicates that the body’s immune system is attacking itself and destroying its own thyroid tissue, otherwise known as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

90% of hypothyroid cases are caused by Hashimoto’s

This is not a thyroid issue; this is an immune system issue!

While you may have an elevated TSH and thyroid medication may be warranted if enough thyroid tissue has been destroyed, it should not stop there.

Being given medication and told to go on your way does nothing for stopping the attack against your thyroid, leaving you susceptible to continued thyroid destruction and on a constant rollercoaster of symptoms ranging from fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, digestive issues, and because there are thyroid receptor cites on nearly every cell in the body, just about every symptom in the book is possible! Not only this, but you will always have to be upping your thyroid medication until one day you have no thyroid tissue left!

Leaving Hashimoto’s untreated also puts you at risk for developing other autoimmune conditions in the future.

This is not in your best interest.

Knowing if you have Hashimoto’s sets you on a completely different trajectory for managing your thyroid symptoms, and it starts with balancing the immune system and removing any internal or external offenders that are causing your immune system to be on high alert (heavy metals, mold, hidden infections, food sensitivities, gluten, stress, etc.)

It's time to stop "treating" the thyroid and begin addressing the immune system!

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with hypothyroidism? Let’s chat, and share this post with the people in your life who need this information. Lets get the full picture of your thyroid diagnosis and begin healing so you can feel your best and preserve your precious thyroid!