Set The Tone For Your Day (And Your Life)

Starting your day on your terms gives you control of your life. Having control of your life allows you to create the reality you want to live in. How? Through healthy routines and rituals. Here are a few of my favorite rituals and why I try to do them as often as possible.

Wake up naturally or to a soothing sound

For those of us that have morning commitments, avoid waking up to the sound of sirens. Opening your eyes to abrasive sounds sends your body straight into fight or flight, triggering a release of stress hormones. Imagine waking up stressed every day! No, I’ll pass 😉

Instead, try waking up to soothing sounds (piano, birds chirping, rain, etc.). I use @hatchforsleep as my alarm - it offers a variety of beautiful, soothing sounds to wake up to along with a light that mimics the sunrise.


Before you indulge in your morning beverages and breakfast, prioritize hydration. Make a tall glass of filtered water (I use Berkley Filters) with half a squeezed lemon, ½ tsp of pink Himalayan salt, and 1 tsp of raw honey.

Hydrating immediately upon waking sets you up for the day and begins to flush the toxins you accumulated overnight. Why do I add all of those extras to my water? The benefits! Lemon gives you a boost of vitamin C and aids in detoxification and pH balance. Salt provides much-needed minerals to support your adrenals. The honey gives you easy to convert energy and glycogen store repletion after a night of fasting.


One of the worst things you can do right when you wake up is grabbing your phone! Scrolling social media and checking your email upon waking ensures that the first thoughts you have for the day are not your own. Why let other people’s images, voices, and requests set the tone for your day? Be sure to check in with YOU before checking your Instagram. Make a commitment to not look at your phone for at least 30 minutes after waking and using that time instead for hydration, journaling, meditation, or breathwork.

Enjoy the sunrise.

Or, if you wake up a little later, enjoy the morning sun. Stepping into the sunlight first thing in the morning helps to optimize your circadian rhythm (i.e. your sleep/wake cycle). The more you practice this, the more awake you’ll feel!

(p.s. Take your slippers off and put your feet to the earth - this practice lowers inflammation, reduces stress, combats free radicals, and grounds you for the day)


Deep breathing oxygenates your cells and activates your parasympathetic nervous system (the place where we heal, conserve energy, and feel calm and safe).

I challenge you to do this every morning for 2 weeks! Slide into my DMs on Instagram (@christinapann) and let me know how you feel after you’ve been practicing this for a while. I have a feeling it’s going to change your life for the better!

xx Christina