Are You Reacting to Everything?

Something I hear quite often from my clients is that they feel as if they react to everything. Whether it be food or their environment - the strange and wide array of symptoms never seem to quit. This can make eating feel like a game of Russian Roulette!

Do you relate?


What is TILT?

TILT - Toxin Induced Loss of Tolerance - is more common than you think. TILT occurs when your immune system loses tolerance to even the smallest amount of chemicals and benign foods, leaving you vulnerable to chronic immune activation and accompanying symptoms. This often happens after a one-time major exposure. Maybe you had mold in your home, were exposed to heavy doses of pesticides or cleaning products, medication, or materials used in a renovation project.

Common Triggers

Toxins and chemicals are everywhere - from the food that you eat to the water that you drink. Indoor air is the most common source of chemical exposures in many people's lives. Moving to a new house or renovations to home or office often bring new furnishings, carpet, paint, synthetic fragrances, and pesticides...the list is endless and so are the symptoms.

Common Symptoms

Some commonly reported symptoms may include:

  • Difficulties with attention, memory, and mood

  • Gastrointestinal problems

  • Allergy-like symptoms

  • Migraines and headaches

  • Fatigue and muscle pain

TILT has the potential to explain a variety of illnesses, including certain cases of asthma and depression, as well as fibromyalgia. If you are struggling with a new onset of symptoms that can’t be explained, take inventory of your life and when the symptoms began. Did you move homes or offices? Was there a renovation project? Did you purchase new furniture?

How do you address TILT?

In order for you to address symptoms and feel like yourself again, you must address the build-up of these toxins through supporting detoxification AND drainage. Remember you don’t just need to dislodge toxins from their binding sites, you need to ensure they have a way out! Your drainage pathways include your colon, liver and bile ducts, lymphatic system, skin (sweat), kidneys, and liver. By supporting these avenues of elimination, we ensure you are safely and effectively detoxifying toxins and waste products in the body. I recommended working with a trained practitioner on this process, but a great place to begin is making sure you are having 2+ bowl movements a day, getting a daily sweat on through exercise or sauna use, drinking at least half your body weight in purified water per day, and rebounding to support lymphatic drainage.

You can also choose organic produce when possible (check out EWG clean 15/ dirty dozen list), and ditch toxic cleaning products in your home and replace them with an all purpose safe and natural cleaner like this one.

When I walk my clients through this process we do in depth testing to identify and address issues with their intestinal barrier, detoxification capabilities, and nutrient status that may be contributing to symptoms and interfering with the bodies ability to heal.

Sound overwhelming? Fear not! The Science & Soul Method covers it ALL, including a systemic detox focusing on clearing chemical and waste build-up in the body often responsible for chronic symptoms. Learn more HERE.

xx Christina