Why Can't I Lose Weight??

Do you feel like you're doing everything right-excercising, eating well, but the extra poundage you have been trying to lose seems to be hanging on for dear life? 

You're not alone.

Weight loss resistance is a common problem with often complex solutions. But don't worry, we can figure this out together. Here are a few reasons you are not losing weight despite all your best efforts. 

1.) Your Thyroid 

One of the many symptoms associated with an under active thyroid is weight gain and inability to lose weight. If you have been to your doctor concerned about your thyroid function, they likely ran your TSH levels, and if they were within the "normal" range they told you everything looked good and sent you on your way. NOPE. TSH alone is not enough to accurately assess thyroid function. Let's get together and order you a comprehensive thyroid panel including TSH, FT3, FT4, RT3, TPO-AB, TGAB and read them from a functional perspective. 

2.) Stress

Can you just not even with life right now? Stress may be contributing to your inability to lose weight. Chronic stress causes muscle loss, and lowers levels of serotonin. Ever feel like you just want to keep eating and EATING forever amen? It may be because you're low in serotonin. It's what creates that feeling of satiety after a meal, and if you're low in serotonin, you're never satisfied after eating. Stress can also deplete the fat burning hormone DHEA and keep cortisol elevated. High cortisol makes it very hard to build muscle and lose weight. Guess what! We can test your serotonin, DHEA, cortisol, and several other markers associated with hormone and weight health with ONE test- the Dutch dried urine test! Ask me about it! 

3.) Food Sensitivities 

When you regularly consume foods you are sensitive to, antibody-antigen complexes in tissue cause inflammation, which leads to fluid retention and weight gain. To fight inflammation, the body releases a chemical called ghrelin, which also happens to be an appetite stimulant. Fatigue and difficulty sleeping are also symptoms associated with food sensitivities that contribute to weight gain. Curious if you are sensitive to foods? I run a test in my practice that looks at your reaction to 96 commonly eaten foods! Let's take a look! 

4.) Toxic Load

Your body is amazing and has this built in protective mechanism to keep the toxins you are exposed to away from your vital organs and brain. It does this by storing toxins in your adipose tissue (fat), and when you carry a heavy toxic load and are continually being exposed to toxins, your body is going to have a hard time letting go of that buffer. What can you do? Minimize your toxic exposure and embark on a gentle detox. Not sure where to start? I can help!