Why you Still Feel Sick Even Though your Blood Tests are Normal

Have you or someone you know been to the doctor with a long list of symptoms and complaints only for them to run lab work on you and tell you everything looks "normal?" Likely you were sent home with nothing but a prescription with side effects as bad as the symptoms you walked in with. Why are your "normal" labs not a good representation of your not so normal symptoms? In the world of blood chemistry analysis (analyzing labs), there are two types of ranges; pathological and functional.

The pathological ranges are used to diagnose disease, the functional ranges are designed to determine the risk of future disease, and catch the problem before it starts. 

Many people who are outside the functional ranges are already presenting with symptoms, even though their labs are "normal" by conventional medical standards. Someone doesn't typically wake up one day with diabetes. They spend years with their blood sugar and coorelated markers outside of the functional range before becoming pathological, and working with a skilled practitioner who knows how to intervene with safe and natural methods during this time can be life changing for those on their way to a new diagnosis. So why don't most doctors take into account functional lab ranges and make appropriate interventions? Many don't provide care unless disease is present. Makes you wonder why they call it "healthcare" instead of "disease care." Today's Medical training also strongly lacks education in nutrition and preventive care. In my practice I look for patterns in your story and assess your health from a functional perspective in order to give you the best care possible and greatest outcomes for long lasting health and vitality. 

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