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Self Care Package 


Health care is self care! This package includes an initial consultation (1-1.5 hours) and two follow up visits (30-45 min.) over a span of 2-3 months. This comprehensive package gives us a generous amount of time together to dig deep and discover where your body needs support and balancing. We will create a clear plan of action for your success, and you will feel equipped and motivated to sustain this new way of nourishing your body.


Here is what the package provides:

  • One- on-one meetings where you are listened to, supported, and understood

  • Customized diet recommendations and meal plans covering what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat for your body

  • Unlimited email support In between appointments 

  • Customized supplement protocols 

  • Review of past lab tests from a functional medicine perspective 

  • Access to and interpretation of specialized testing 

  • Educational materials pertaining to your health complaints and goals

  • Lifestyle recommendations  

  • Accountability and support 

 (2-3 months)

This Program is for you if...

  • You want to get to the root cause of your symptoms, not silence them with medication.

  • You’re ready and committed to making positive changes in your life to support your goals.

  • You feel anxious, overwhelmed, and on edge all the time.

  • You wake up tired even after 8 hours of sleep.

  • You have seen multiple doctors and all they had to offer you were pills

  • You want to heal and prevent disease naturally 

  • You want to find out if you have food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, or gut infections. 

  • Your digestion is unpredictable and a cause of stress for you 

  • You have eczema, acne, too much hair growth in all the wrong places, and hair loss on your head!

  • You have recently been diagnosed with thyroid disease or IBS and want to know how to support your body 

  • You have aches, pains, and trouble losing weight 

What you can expect 

What you can expect

  • More energy and better sleep

  • To feel calmer and more in control of your emotions 

  • Less anxiety around food and when to eat

  • Better digestion! No more chronic bloating, pain, and gas 

  • More regular periods, less painful cramping and PMS!

  • To be able to sustain a healthy weight 

  • To feel more connected to your body with a clear understanding of what it needs

  • A stronger and more balanced immune system 

  • More freedom to do what you love with the people you love. 

Conditions i support

  • Anxiety, panic, nervous system balancing 

  • IBS, SIBO, constipation, gas, bloating, heartburn, GERD

  • Painful and irregular periods 

  • Infertility, PCOS

  • Skin conditions like acne, eczema, and hives

  • Thyroid disease, Hashimotos 

  • Detoxification 

  • Hormone imbalances 

  • Fibromyalgia, chronic pain 

  • Food sensitivities, Celiac

  • Post-birth control syndrome

 How we do it

Health Assessments


Before our time together you will be filling out thorough health assessment forms that ask you strategic questions covering every system and function of your body. This will provide me with great insight into your health history, current goals, and complaints before we even meet! This step will also help you articulate your symptoms, and identify new ones that in the past you may have considered "normal."

Functional Medicine Testing

Lab tests are an invaluable tool for getting to the root cause of your symptoms and creating an effective protocol for you. I offer comprehensive sex and adrenal hormone testing, thyroid panels, stool tests, and tests to detect Lyme infections, heavy metals, food sensitivities, celiac, nutrient deficiencies, and so much more! In Functional Medicine, we don't just look for disease, but we aim to prevent disease before it starts by looking for patterns of imbalance and intervening before it yields to a chronic condition.

Tailored supplement protocol

Knowing what supplements to take can be so overwhelming, There is an endless amount of information out there and it's hard to know where to start! that’s where I come in! I will outline an herb and nutrient protocol for you and your bodies’ unique needs, giving you balance and support in a natural and effective way. 



Did you know the average doctor’s office visit is 9 minutes long! If your past experience with trying to receive care has felt rushed and left you discouraged and without answers, this will be a totally new experience for you! These one-on-one meetings give you the time and attention you deserve to express your struggles and goals, and allow me to outline a clear path for your success. All your questions will be answered and you will finish these sessions feeling understood, motivated, and ready to implement the changes needed to get your health back. 


Customized diet plan


I take all of the confusion out of what you should eat by creating a diet plan made uniquely for YOU. I take into account your gut health, weight loss goals, food sensitivities, and nervous system when customizing your plan, and you can rest assure you are eating the right foods for your bodies needs. I am experienced in creating effective diet plans for a large variety of conditions and love educating my clients on how to use food as medicine and make healthy choices for themselves and their families. 

Lifestyle modifications

I’m going to help you align your lifestyle with your health goals, letting go of bad habits, and adding in what will accelerate your healing. We will be covering exercise, self-care, stress management, and practical ways to live a healthy life; mind, body, and soul. 

Good News!

All appointments are done via video conferencing, allowing my clients the flexibility to meet with me on their lunch break at work or when their kids are napping. This also means I work with people all over the country! If you are in the California Bay Area, make sure to sign up for my newsletter for updates on teaching and speaking engagements locally. 

Please read!

Serious inquiries only! Because I am so hands on with my clients, I only take a limited amount of new cases per month. This means I want to reserve space for people who are ready and committed to make the changes necessary to heal, and I know that’s you! Please take into consideration that on top of my service fees, there will be initial investments needed for lab tests and supplementation.