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The Science & Soul Method 


A 6 month fool proof program designed to heal your gut, balance your hormones, and revive your liver using functional lab analysis and time honored traditions. 
Imagine this...
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What if...
What if...
What if...

You woke up every morning feeling energized, motivated, and ready to take on the coffee needed!

You had the focus and mental clarity to tackle your to-do lists and projects with excellence...

Your hormones, mood, and digestion were healthy, balanced, and in alignment with your highest self...

Without the confusion, band-aid fixes, and wasted money on supplements and trendy "detoxes" you don't need. 
The Issue

How you might be addressing your health

This Program is for you if...

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You have been to your doctor multiple times and are told all your tests look “normal” and are offered a prescription, leaving you feeling frustrated and hopeless.

You have been putting off your health for years waiting for the “right time” or for some “extra money” to finally address your issues the right way.

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You feel like you're too busy and your plates too full to take the time to invest in your health, so you keep plugging away knowing burn out is inevitable. 

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You try every supplement, diet, or detox challenge you see on social media hoping it will be the thing that changes your life, and you end up disappointed every time. 

The good news is, this doesn't have to be your story. There is a better way!

What you can expect

The science & soul method

What makes this program different 

The average doctors office visit is 9 minutes long, an impossible amount of time to dive deep into your health goals and history, and do the investigate work necessary to get to the root of your symptoms.


Women need and deserve more than a few minutes and a prescription on their way out the door to optimize their health, and that is why I created the Science & Soul method.


This is a comprehensive 6-month long program that will provide you with a 1-1 partnership and strategic plan to feeling your BEST.


This program is FOOL proof. By running a broad range of functional labs that explore your hormones, gut, stress resilience, immune function, toxic load, nutrient status, detoxification capability, blood sugar balance and more, we find out EXACTLY what your body needs. No guessing games.


When we provide your body with the information and instructions it needs- the body just HEALS. It’s that simple. 

How it works

When you sign up to work with me, we will start off with an initial consultation to get clarity on your health goals and lay the foundation for our time together. From there, we will develop a customized plan to move you through these 4 steps.  

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balance: hormones

Here we will do the important work of tending to your nervous system and increasing your stress resilience, balancing your sex hormones, and ensuring your thyroid and metabolism are functioning optimally. 



We will start by jumping into a 30-day RESET where we will build the foundations of a healthy diet and life. This completely customized step will help you lower inflammation, identity food sensitivities and intolerances, balance your blood sugar, lower your toxic load, and create healthy and sustainable eating habits. 


In this phase we will  address inflammation and microbial imbalance in the gut,  eliminate digestive distress , and ensure you are digesting your food and absorbing nutrients optimally. 

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Here we will address your overall toxic load, support your detoxification capabilities, address any current or past exposures, and add in supportive foods and nutrients. 

The Science & Soul Method

Join me for a 6 month deep dive into your health, heart, and soul. Together we will create a completely customized plan based on your bodies unique needs to propel you into the best season of your life!


          1-1 support


- 6 months of support and appointments via video or phone.  

- Unlimited access in between appointments for                    questions in your secure client portal

- Interaction and accountability via food and                          lifestyle journals



Customized diet plan


- Taking into account your gut health, weight loss goals, food          sensitivities, and nervous system

- No more confusion about what to eat! 


- Education and empowerment on how to make sustainable          changes


     Functional lab work

- 4 tests valued at > 2K that assess every system and function of the body:

- Complete wellness panel // blood 

- GI Map microbial assay plus // stool 

- Dutch Plus comprehensive sex and adrenal hormones //                saliva & urine 

- Nutritional organic acids // urine 


   Tailored supplements


- A precise protocol based on the data from your functional labs showing us exactly what your body needs. 

- No more wasted money taking supplements you don't need!


 Lifestyle modifications

- I’m going to help you align your lifestyle with your health goals,


- Time to let go of bad habits, and add in what will accelerate your healing.


- We will be covering exercise, self-care, stress management, and practical ways to live a healthy life; mind, body, and soul. 

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